Tiger’s Nest is a center for meditation and spiritual teaching

The world is facing great challenges today, and there are many paths to the solution. One of the paths involves spirituality and bringing more love and awareness into one’s life, and thereby into solving societal tasks. Anne Sophie Jørgensen provides inspiration for this through topics such as tantra, advanced meditation, understanding consequences, sources of suffering, and the path out of suffering. See Anne Sophie’s teaching program. Anne Sophie is also the author of a number of books in which she elaborates on her approach to the spiritual process.

Tiger’s Nest forms the framework of a spiritual community, consisting of people who over the years have moved to Gedved to be closer to Tiger’s Nest. In addition to participating in meditation and practical tasks around the place, everyone has a daily life with work, family, and their own home.


The following describes the values and assumptions that form the foundation for teaching at Tiger’s Nest.

Responsibility and freedom

A basic assumption is that people who take responsibility for their lives experience greater freedom. It can be responsibility for working life and the development of skills and potential, for love life and family, for sexuality and spirituality. Often, one may have a tendency to create a dichotomy between responsibility and freedom, thus believing that responsibility limits our freedom. When the fundamental things are in place in personal life and do not trip you up, you get a better starting point and greater freedom to try out life’s possibilities. You will find that freedom is not about being uncommitted but about knowing yourself and thereby knowing what is important to prioritize in your life.

Society and democracy

Living and growing up in Denmark is a privilege. We have a high level of education, democracy, religious freedom, and trust between people. At the same time, today’s society places high demands on the individual to handle a complicated everyday life with great work pressure, digital skills, and diverse relationships. Here, a meditative practice is a strong card. A life with meditation is no longer a withdrawn life in isolation. The surplus built and nourished through meditative practice can be actively translated and passed on to society through one’s professional life and through the way one relates to the people one meets on one’s path.

From polarization to equality and polarity

Differences often lead to polarization and conflicts. It can be differences in political or religious beliefs, in thinking, and in gender relations. A better starting point for the differences that cannot or should not be abolished is equality and polarity. Polarity is about being able to create a dynamic cooperation between opposites and seeing differences as resources rather than potential problems. Equality arises when differences are embraced and come into polarity with each other. Then you are able to recognize and appreciate both the foreign and what you know from yourself. Equality and polarity can, in a larger perspective, help address the challenges of creating peace and balance in a global society where the differences between people seem to grow year by year.

Love, awareness, and uncompromisingness

The mantra “Love is Awareness, Awareness is Uncompromisingness, Uncompromisingness is Love” is essential in the teaching at Tiger’s Nest. Some perceive uncompromisingness as cold and hard and as the opposite of love. But in the mantra, the qualities are combined so that they nourish and strengthen each other. Through uncompromisingness, love and awareness get a foundation of perseverance and strength to unfold from. Uncompromisingness can be the crucial quality that makes it possible for us to bring our heart and awareness into play in everyday life and in relation to other people. The three qualities together can cut through suffering and help transform life’s Gordian knots. With them in hand, you stand strong in life – and in your spiritual process.

The name Tiger’s Nest

The meditation center was named Tiger’s Nest in 2001. At that time, it was not known at the site that there is an important monastery in Bhutan called Taktsang, which means Tiger’s Nest.

Anne Sophie Jørgensen has served as a spiritual teacher at the center since it opened in 1988. The teaching is dynamic and has evolved over the years, but the foundation still takes its starting point in Anne Sophie’s access to meditation. The teaching provides inspiration on how one can connect spirituality and everyday life as a person, so that the two sides of life enrich each other as much as possible.

Anne Sophie visited Taktsang in Bhutan for the first time in 2007, and it has resulted in a mutual exchange with Bhutan. In 2013, Tiger’s Nest’s name was specified to “Tiger’s Nest, Taktsang Denmark”. The name extension was based on cooperation with Bhutan, and it emphasizes that there is also a spiritual Taktsang in Denmark, where advanced meditation and tantra are practiced. A work that does not take place in a traditional Buddhist form but on new premises, in a Western context.

Tigerekspressen (The Tiger Express)

Tigerekspressen is a collaboration between a number of course holders, all of whom follow Anne Sophie Jørgensen’s teaching at Tiger’s Nest.

Tigerekspressen offers courses, workshops, process groups, and lectures within meditation and tantra.

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