The Meditation Center and Surroundings

More than a quarter century of meditative practice has given the place an atmosphere of beauty, intensity, and peace. The building is situated in peaceful, rural surroundings in Gedved in East Jutland.

Tiger’s Nest was built in 1987-88 as a nine-sided teaching building of 246 m². In 2009-10, the place was expanded to double the area with a new kitchen, dining area, boiler house, and a larger meditation and teaching hall called Dewdrop Hall. Tiger’s Nest is heated exclusively with renewable and sustainable energy sources in the form of a wood-burning stove and solar panels.

Dewdrop Hall

Dewdrop Hall is the heart of the place where the teaching takes place. The encounter with Dewdrop Hall touches many people. Here, one can experience their own longing for silence, emptiness, or the liberation of consciousness, and perhaps have a direct experience of these advanced aspects of meditation.

Advanced meditation has different names in various traditions. At Tiger’s Nest, it is called Dewdrop Meditation, which points to the simplicity and clarity of the meditation. At the same time, the name shows that the glimpses into advanced meditation are fleeting and easy to overlook—like dewdrops on an early autumn morning in nature. To benefit from them, you must stop, be present for a moment, and enjoy the beauty and richness of nature.

The Herb Garden, the Field, and the Column Forest

The garden around Tiger’s Nest adjoins the Field, the Herb Garden, and the Column Forest, and when attending lessons, you are welcome to take advantage of the beautiful and recreational surroundings.

The Herb Garden is an organically cultivated garden of 4,000 m² on a south-facing slope, with many lovely places where you can find peace and quiet. The Herb Garden is located in the Field, which is about 8,500 m². The area serves as a social gathering place for adults and children associated with Tiger’s Nest.

The Column Forest was planted in 2015 on a piece of land next to the Field with the desire to eventually become self-sufficient with wood for Tiger’s Nest’s wood-burning stove, while also establishing a larger recreational area. The Column Forest has a diverse plant composition with over 30 species of trees and shrubs from the Danish nature.

Workdays and Garden Days

Everyone is welcome to participate in workdays and garden days at Tiger’s Nest. Here, we collaborate on maintaining the place, cooking for communal meals, tending the garden, etc. There is also the opportunity to join in meditation in the morning or afternoon, as well as communal meals.

For specific dates and registration, see more here.