Spiritual Guidance by Jukas

Powerful Equality Session – For Couples or Individuals

In a Powerful Equality session, meditation, healing, or physical exchange is used as a catalyst in the process work. The exchange and meditation potentially hold the seeds for insights, development, and transformation of aggressive energy.

This involves physical confrontation and exchange between people from a meditative and process-oriented perspective. The structure of a session is dynamic, ranging from very quiet to very powerful, depending on what the process requires.

For individuals, Powerful Equality offers an opportunity to work intensively and comprehensively with what the encounter with the world triggers in you.

For couples, it is an opportunity to learn to use powerful exchange as part of constructive communication.

A Powerful Equality session includes conversation, meditation, warm-up, exercises, and powerful exchange or healing.

The focus is on taking care of each other, but participation is at your own risk.

Practical Information

Price – Individual and Couples

800 DKK per session for individuals. With student discount: 640 DKK per session.

950 DKK per session for couples. With student discount: 760 DKK per session.

Follow-up conversation via Skype: 300 DKK.

Time: By appointment.

Gedved: Tigerens Rede, Vestervej 4A, Gedved.

Copenhagen: Den Lille Musikskole, Bülowsvej 10, 1870 Frederiksberg C.

Questions or to book a Powerful Equality session?

Call 26606920 or email kraftfuldt@gmail.com.

About Jukas

Jukas Killemose (born 1979) provides spiritual guidance at Tigerens Rede. He has been a student and received teachings from Anne Sophie since 2005 and has been her tantra partner since 2006. They were married in 2018. Jukas lives in Gedved and has been a daily presence at Tigerens Rede since 2005.

Since 2013, Jukas has been a member of Tigerekspressen, where he has held courses and led process groups in “Fight for the Process.” Concurrently, he has provided individual consultations for individuals and couples working with meditation and powerful equality.

Jukas has been involved in spirituality, meditation, and body awareness since he was 24 years old. He is a trained teacher and holds a master’s degree in educational psychology.