User Guide

How should I enter my phone number if I live abroad?

If you live in a country other than Denmark, please enter the country code in parentheses before the phone number with a space after it, as in the following example for Norway (+47) 123456. If you live in Denmark, do not enter the country code.

Can I register for multiple classes at the same time?

Yes, but it depends on which classes you wish to register for. Unless otherwise specified, you can register for as many classes as you want (only one of each), and pay as a single order. This applies whether you choose to pay the full class price or a deposit. Some classes have limited participant numbers and can only be registered individually (this is specified in the description of the respective class where applicable).

Can I remove items from the “cart”?

To the left of the small images in the cart, there is a hidden “x” that is only visible when the mouse is over the individual item. You can remove an item from the cart by clicking the “x”.

If I pay a deposit, when and how do I pay the remaining amount?

The remaining amount is added to the cart and paid in the same way as the deposit and the full amount. The remaining amount must always be paid (as a new order) at least 2 weeks before the start of the class. When an order for the remaining amount is created, it must be paid at the same time. If you forget to create an order for the remaining payment, you will receive a reminder from the office.

How do I register for Dynamic Energy Awareness?

The item “Dynamic Energy Awareness – apply for a session spot” is used for your requests in connection with Dynamic Energy Awareness, regardless of which session you wish to join.
(Note that meditation spots are reserved for students closely connected to the Tiger’s Nest.)

When you add the item to your “cart,” it serves as information to the office that you wish to participate in Dynamic Energy Awareness. Even though this “item” does not cost anything, it must still be purchased in the system; otherwise, your requests will not be sent to the office. If you are interested in multiple Dynamic Energy Awareness sessions, add one item per class to the cart.

IMPORTANT – REMEMBER before completing the “payment” of 0 DKK, you must specify your priorities or any other comments in the comment field associated with the order.

You will subsequently receive an email from the office with further information.