Are you attending a class for the first time?

Introduction Letter

If you are a new participant in Anne Sophie’s classes, you must send an introduction letter of 1 to 2 pages directly to Anne Sophie at when you register. The letter is confidential and will only be read by Anne Sophie. Along with the letter, please send a photo. The photo helps connect faces with names and ensures a warm welcome for new participants. In the introduction letter, share a bit about who you are, your experiences with meditation, personal development, and spiritual processes, as well as your motivation for participating in the classes. Please also include your age, any health issues, and if applicable, pregnancy. This applies to all classes. You are not enrolled in the class until the letter is received and you have been assigned a place.

Special Instructions for Participants in “Dynamic Energy Awareness”

Before attending Dynamic Energy Awareness, all participants must send a brief report of 1 to 2 pages directly to Anne Sophie at This must be received no later than Monday morning at 07:00 in the week the class begins. The purpose of writing the report is both your own preparation and to inform Anne Sophie of important steps, insights, and difficulties in your current process.

If you have questions, you are always welcome to contact the office via email at

Prerequisites for Class Registration

At Tiger’s Nest, daily meditation has been practiced for more than a quarter-century, and many thousands of teaching hours have been held. Over the years, a large pool of experience in consciousness development has been built up, which new participants can draw upon. Therefore, participating in classes at the center can be an intense experience, making it necessary for participants to be self-responsible. This means having a reasonably realistic self-understanding and the ability to handle self-confrontation.

In the classes, work is done on both personal processes and a broader collective process. This means that in addition to working on your own process, you have the opportunity to participate in a shared spiritual process focused on consciousness development.

Meditation During Class Days

If possible, you are welcome to supplement your class days with participation in the daily morning and evening meditations with some of the regular visitors at Tiger’s Nest. This provides an opportunity to reflect on the day and the classes with other participants and to immerse yourself and relax in the house or in the adjacent Herb Garden.

Meditation Times on Class Days:

– 08:30 – 09:15
– 19:00 – 19:30
– 21:00 – 21:30