Film about Anne Sophie, Meditation, and Tantra

Anne Sophie Jørgensen – A Spiritual Teacher

Anne Sophie Jørgensen has been a spiritual teacher for over 30 years, teaching thousands of people.

Through interviews and clips from her teaching, the film provides a unique insight into the life of a Danish spiritual teacher and her efforts to integrate spirituality into everyday life.

The film is produced and directed by Morten Bo Larsen, who also helped create the film “Meditation in Everyday Life.”

Bridging Beliefs: Across Faiths

In the documentary film “Bridging Beliefs: Across Faiths,” we visit Buddhist, Hindu, Christian, Jewish, Muslim communities, and Tigerens Rede. Here, we get a glimpse into the practices of these different faiths and their relationships with other religions.

The film explores why it can be important to practice religion or spirituality and how religions can coexist peacefully.

The film is produced by Morten Bo Larsen, who also helped create the film “Meditation in Everyday Life.” Anne Sophie Jørgensen participates as a representative of new spirituality.

Meditation in Everyday Life

The documentary film “Meditation in Everyday Life” discusses meditation in a down-to-earth and practical way, showing how it can be part of a normal Danish everyday life.

Today, meditation is a widespread phenomenon, with mindfulness being a tool to manage work-related stress. It can also be a great help in daily life.

In the film, we follow six people who have made meditation a regular part of their otherwise ordinary daily lives for several years.

Tantra at Tigerens Rede

In the film “Tantra at Tigerens Rede,” four different couples share their experiences with tantra as part of their relationships and everyday lives.