Anne Sophie has started a spiritual path called DugDråbeVejen. While it is officially recognized now, it is not new, as it has been functioning for many years. A path is a spiritual direction, a kind of spiritual legacy that is passed down through generations to those who come after.

Tigerens Rede is a place where consciousness leaps, and one day this leap resulted in a new path.

The path was confirmed by Dorje Lopen (the second highest spiritual authority in Bhutan) during his official visit to Tigerens Rede in 2016.

DugDråbeVejen addresses some of today’s challenges. An essential element is a new advanced meditation, DugDråbeMeditation, which is useful for modern, Western people. It also invites connecting spiritual practice with a healthy and well-functioning everyday life in a world thirsty for spirituality.

Another focus is working with the ego, which is overly prominent in our time and culture, contributing to many of today’s major crises. The solution is to learn to use the ego precisely and to let it step aside and make room when necessary.

Anne Sophie has introduced the concept of shifting from ego as identity to ego as function. The ego remains part of the identity but to a much lesser degree than it currently does. The emphasis is on using one’s competent ego appropriately while knowing that one’s identity is much more than the ego—for example, the vertical axis.

The vertical axis is part of the path’s work. It stretches from the essence point (above the head) to the earth point (below the feet), from spirit and spirituality to primal force and instincts. These qualities generally play too small a role in modern life, but they are part of being a whole and robust person who knows and stands by themselves.

What should a modern, newly created Danish path be called? The name became DugDråbeVejen because, for nearly 20 years, we have used the term DugDråber for Tigerens Rede’s meditation practice. Dewdrops are found in nature, meditation connects us with nature, and dewdrops are beautiful but also fleeting, delicate, and easy to overlook. It takes awareness to sense both meditation and dewdrops, but both can evoke joy and intense presence in people. DugDråbeVejen will eventually have a subtitle that makes sense to those unfamiliar with Tigerens Rede.

The path has roots in early Christianity and the collaboration between Yeshe Tsogyal and Padma Sambhava, who worked with advanced meditation and tantra at Tigerens Rede in Bhutan in the 8th century.

DugDråbeVejen is reflected in all of Anne Sophie’s teachings, especially in the teaching of the same name. Read more here.