Meditation and Everyday Life

About 75 people connected to Tigerens Rede live in Gedved. They have moved to the town partly to closely follow Anne Sophie’s teachings and partly to participate in a creative, dynamic community of people with a shared interest in meditation. Additionally, they have their own homes, family, and work obligations.

Meditation in Community

Having others to meditate with can be a great gift. There are five possible times to meditate daily, and children can participate with their parents twice a week. Meditation is often thought of as a quiet, inward activity, but meditative presence can unfold in all everyday tasks and relationships. When meditation is integrated into daily life, the contrast between spirituality and everyday life diminishes. Spiritual immersion no longer requires withdrawal. Today, it is possible to relate to spirituality as part of everyday life.

Family Life

Starting a family with all that it entails is, for many at Tigerens Rede, part of everyday life—and part of spiritual life. Here, an ordinary aspect of life unfolds while simultaneously providing an excellent practice ground for everyday meditation. Many good experiences have been made combining a serious meditative practice with family life, showing significant benefits—greater equality, freedom, and meaning in families.


There are many tasks associated with running a place like Tigerens Rede. Collaboration on practical tasks is a natural part of being connected to the community. This is where one can train their ability to cooperate and feel the joy of working together. Practical tasks range widely from maintaining buildings and outdoor areas to managing internal and external communication.

Tasks are organized in 4-5 annual community meetings where initiatives are presented, debated, and decided upon. There are many different areas of responsibility to take care of, allowing everyone’s skills and interests to come into play.