Anne Sophie’s Authorship

Anne Sophie is the author of several books that explore various themes related to her teachings on spirituality, tantra, and meditation. Her career as a spiritual teacher and author took off in the 1980s, in line with the growing interest in meditation, self-development, and healing in Denmark. Since the turn of the millennium, interest in advanced consciousness work has continued to grow, and Anne Sophie’s writings inspire readers on how to engage with complex psychological and consciousness processes in a practical and grounded way.

Everyday Life and Spirituality

In her teachings, Anne Sophie treats consciousness and spirituality as fundamental aspects of life. Her books offer qualified insights on how individuals in modern society can incorporate spirituality into relationships, family life, and work. She encourages awareness of a renewal of consciousness, not just at the individual level but globally. Her authorship addresses both individual development processes and societal, political, economic, and environmental changes.

The New Tantra

A central theme in Anne Sophie’s writings is tantra. In her tantra books, an ancient Eastern teaching is updated and brought into a modern context. Both established couples, new partners, and singles looking to work on their sexuality and love lives are invited into the new tantra. From Anne Sophie’s perspective, tantra is a dynamic collaboration between the sexes around sexuality, love, and spirituality.

Book Sales

You can purchase the three tantra books and “Vertical Human in a Horizontal World” under book sales and at bookstores. The other books are sold out from publishers, but all of Anne Sophie’s books can be borrowed from the library.


Tantrisk Kærlighed – Berig dit liv med den nye tantra. Nyt Nordisk forlag 2015

Den Nye Tantra – Forny din seksualitet og dit kærlighedsliv. Nyt Nordisk Forlag 2010

Tantra – Sex, kærlighed og spiritualitet Aschehoug 2004. Genudgivet: Nyt Nordisk Forlag 2014

Lodret menneske i en vandret verden Aschehoug 2003. Genudgivet: 2015 på TigerTryk

Selvudvikling og Energibevidsthed. Politikens Forlag 1992. UDSOLGT FRA FORLAGET

Politikens bog om healing. Politikens Forlag 1989. UDSOLGT FRA FORLAGET – findes som e-bog her.

Additionally, Anne Sophie was interviewed for:
Kvinders Lyst by Pernille Ørnberg and Louise Ariesen Rams. FADL’s Forlag 2014