Anne Sophie

Anne Sophie Jørgensen (born 1954) is a spiritual teacher, author, and leader of the meditation center Tiger’s Nest. About 75 students have chosen to live in Gedved to follow her teachings closely. Thousands of people have received spiritual instruction at Tiger’s Nest since 1988, and each year many come to seek guidance and inspiration from Anne Sophie. Her teachings are also conveyed through her authorship, where she writes about meditation, tantra, and the human process.

Official Recognition from the Monastic Body of Bhutan

Since 2007, Anne Sophie has had a close and mutually inspiring collaboration with Bhutan, which in 2019 resulted in an official recognition letter from Venerable Dorje Lopen Rinpoche on behalf of the Monastic Body of Bhutan (the Bhutanese State Religious Commission). The letter affirms Anne Sophie’s close karmic connection to Yeshe Tsogyal and how she has successfully translated essential aspects of Buddhist teachings into a Western context. Read the letter here.

Christianity and Buddhism have always been part of Anne Sophie’s spiritual foundation. These two religions are not unfolded in a traditional sense, but her teachings aim to convey the essence of both directions.

Anne Sophie’s Teaching

Anne Sophie’s teaching can be described as a source from which she imparts through her living language, meditation, and presence. The teaching unfolds dynamically in the present moment, based on the personal processes of the participants and themes that are significant in the current time, socially and collectively. Anne Sophie teaches advanced meditation, tantra, and the liberation of consciousness. The teaching is non-dogmatic and is conveyed in a way that can be integrated into an ordinary Danish everyday life. For many, it is a powerful experience to receive Anne Sophie’s teaching. Being in her meditative presence can feel like being touched by love and consciousness.

Social Renewal

For Anne Sophie, it is essential that spirituality is linked to the renewal of society. She works with spirituality as a living and dynamic phenomenon, which does not imply a withdrawal from life. Instead, spirituality is integrated into the way we live as modern people with all that it entails. Spirituality is understood as something that can permeate every moment of life and everyday life. One might discover that as a human being, there is always something to strive for. Or that there is always something to show about life.

At Tiger’s Nest, many have found that family life, work life, and practical tasks are not in opposition to having a strong spiritual commitment in life. Through Anne Sophie’s teaching and the collective experiences at the center, new ways of living are created where everyday life can be a source of spirituality, and spirituality is not separated from daily life.

Inspiration and Background

Throughout her life, Anne Sophie has been inspired by various movements and people. She spent part of her childhood in Greenland, where the encounter with nature made a significant impression on her. As a young woman, she studied psychology at Aarhus University. During these years, she realized through encounters with two spiritual teachers, first Jes Bertelsen and later Bob Moore, that she was not alone in her contact with the spiritual. Discovering that others were also working towards the liberation of consciousness brought her great joy.


Anne Sophie realized early in her life that sexuality and spirituality are closely linked. In tantra, sexuality is a path into spirituality, and spirituality is a path into sexuality. She is the author of several books on the subject.

Just as Anne Sophie’s teaching is adapted to contemporary conditions, her presentation of tantra aims to meet the current needs of modern men and women. The work involves finding a deeper, more nourishing, and satisfying connection between the sexes.

Today, tantra teaching at Tiger’s Nest is conducted by Anne Sophie’s student Jens Gröndahl. Additionally, Tigerekspressen offers courses, workshops, and individual guidance in tantra throughout the country.


Love is Consciousness, Consciousness is Love

This is Tiger’s Nest’s most important mantra. It sets a tone that resonates throughout all the teachings at the center. Meditation becomes most fruitful in your life if you have both heart and consciousness with you.

For the heart to blossom and unfold, there must be the higher perspective that meditation provides. Anne Sophie elaborates on the mantra in the video above.