Energy Awareness and Changeability

Tantra – isn’t that something to do with sex? – many will probably ask. Yes, it can be, but it is also an approach to life that involves training openness and the ability to be in process with life, one’s partner, sexuality, and love. In tantra, one must let go of control, power struggles, success criteria, norms, and habits, and instead learn to follow the movements of energy. When sex becomes part of a tantric approach, it shifts from being a goal to becoming a means of awareness and liberation of stagnant desire, libido, spirit, and power.

Tantra on Many Levels

The essence of tantra is energy awareness and the ability to navigate life’s changes. Anyone can work with tantra, a little or a lot, depending on what they desire. The focus in teaching at Tiger’s Nest is on process and not on technique or form. If two people can bring their lives into process concerning sex, love, and spirituality, that is good, and it is less important how they achieve it.

Tantra is about making the relationship blossom and be alive. There may be various expectations or barriers regarding sex, body, and libido that make it difficult. For others, it can be about daring to open one’s heart in trust to another person, with all the vulnerability it entails. Working tantrically with an issue often gives people the experience of having more strings to play on. Instead of having to resolve a difference, one may discover a new path. Tantra aims to bring awareness, polarity, and equality into the relationship, and this can happen on many levels.

On a more advanced level, meditation and tantra can be experienced as two sides of the same coin. Here, one can use tantra to decisively confront and minimize one’s own ego or to transcend sexual desire – without thereby losing the natural sexual desire.

A task for today’s tantra can be to bring balance between instinct and spirituality. Spiritual practice has traditionally been about seeking upward towards God, heaven, the beautiful, and the pure, away from evil, the ugly, and the worldly. This easily casts a shadow on what the lower chakras represent, namely aggression, instinct, sexuality, as well as everyday life and the material. The experiences from tantra at Tiger’s Nest show that the process-oriented approach can generate energy and surplus in everyday life with relationships, family, and work life. Thus, tantra is not just about sex, but can elevate and enrich many aspects of life.

Anne Sophie’s Books on Tantra

The first experiences with tantra at Tiger’s Nest are described in the books “Vertical Human in a Horizontal World,” “Tantra – Sex, Love, and Spirituality,” and “The New Tantra – Renew Your Sexuality and Love Life.” The tantric process is still evolving, and the experiences of recent years are compiled in “Tantric Love – Enrich Your Life with the New Tantra.”